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Life Insurance


Get a life insurance quote today and protect what matters



Some of the most common reasons to invest in life assurance is to replace income if a spouse or partner dies, becomes disabled due to illness or injury or suffers a debilitating illness.


Whilst no one likes to think about this, Life Insurance could offer reassurance and comfort to you and your loved ones for these situations.


For most of us, life is a series of important milestones that may cause us to think about the future. Inevitably, when we think about our life and beyond, we can’t help but think about what may happen to the people we leave behind.


It’s possible that your dependents or next of kin may become financially responsible for any of your outstanding debts or expenses like childcare costs, a mortgage or even funeral, medical or care costs.


Even if you have been careful with your finances and have no outstanding debts, you may simply wish to leave a legacy to your loved ones, help to contribute to the future cost of living for a dependent or give a small sum to help cover your own funeral.


Making this provision early can offer you peace of mind,

It’s quick and easy to set up and it doesn’t need to be expensive so why not get a quote today?


Protect Your Personal Valuables

Can you afford not to?


Vehicle Insurance


Cover for every eventuality including temporary car hire, breakdown assistance, loss of keys as well as the major risks such as accidental damage to your vehicle and theft.


We have a range of excess options available.

Our approach to Car insurance is to provide cost effective, easy to understand insurance through the best insurers at highly competitive rates. We want to make sure that when you need to claim, your expectations are met.



Home Insurance


Home Contents Insurance cover’s your possessions whilst they are on your residential premises, or while they are temporarily at another, for example when you are on holiday. You must ensure that your sum insured for home contents on our policy includes ALL your possessions for full replacement value. If not then you risk being under-insured in the event of a claim. If you are under-insured your claim will only be paid out proportionately depending on the extent to which you are under-insured.


As soon as you leave your residential premises the belongings that you have are only insured if they are specified under the All Risks section of your policy. You can elect to specify an amount for clothing and personal effects and use this as a blanket cover but it will only cover clothing and personal effects (ie. Not Electronic equipment) and you will only be able to claim up to a limited amount per item.

Electronic equipment (eg. Cellular phones, Lap-Tops) must be specified on your policy.



Building Cover


Buildings Insurance for residential properties covers you against the common risk such as fire, storm, but as with most insurance there are optional extensions that need to be properly considered otherwise you are at risk of not being properly insured in the event of a claim. We will assist you in determining the correct insurance structure for your residential property by asking the right questions at the time that you take out cover, not when you claim.


Health Insurance

Health care needs are unique…


Choosing the right medical aid can be tricky whether you an employer wanting to provide benefits for your staff or an individual concerned about your and your family’s healthcare needs.


The key difference between Hospital plans and more comprehensive medical aid options is that a comprehensive medical aid option covers Out-of-Hospital expenditure as well.


It is not true that the older you are the more expensive it is to have health and medical insurance.

Medical aids charge a standard rate irrespective of your age.

There is an indirect factor that affects the cost of your medical aid, known as a Late-Joiner Penalty, imposed on members above the age of 35 who have never belonged to a medical scheme before.


Switching to a cheaper plan or a hospital plan could have some significant financial benefits, but only if you are able to carry the cost of daily medical expenses.


If your finances are tight and you have a choice between either a Hospital plan or No Medical cover at all, the Hospital plan is obviously preferable.


There is medical aid cover or medical insurance to suite just about everyone’s pocket and you owe it to yourself and your family to ensure that you are covered so that you can get the best possible medical care when you need it the most. Don’t put yourself in a position that will make you turn around and say…If only…..



Contact us for more information on the essentials required when making that important healthcare decision, so that your health is in the best hands from Day One , Rand One.

Your Child’s Future



What is the most important influence on child development?



As a hard-working parent, you naturally want to ensure you have a savings plan for education for your children.


But the realities of today’s economic climate make it tough to save, particularly when it comes to education needs.


Growing pressure on household incomes, and the spiraling costs of school and university are major concerns for many families.


Fortunately, there are several ways you can save money for your children’s education and it’s never too late.

Retirement Planning

How much is enough?

Saving for Retirement

By investing a lump sum or some of your salary each month, you can grow your money over time so that you can retire comfortably. No matter how much you need to or can afford to save the most important thing is to stay committed to savings.



Retirement Preservation

If you are retrenched or move jobs, you can maintain your retirement plan by moving it into a preservation fund. Resist the temptation to cash in your savings, as it will be very hard to make up for the value you’ll lose.


Retirement Income


If you are retiring soon or are already retired, you need to draw a monthly income from your savings to maintain your lifestyle. You also need to manage your retirement savings to ensure it lasts throughout retirement.

So if you are an employer wanting to ensure that your staff make the right choices at retirement or an individual concerned about the fitness of your own retirement plan, get in touch with us.


We also offer, no obligation, financial literacy workshops for your company, make your booking today…



Protect your Business & it’s Assets

Your business is your livelihood. It needs to be protected.


We offer the tools and the expertise to ensure you meet your business’s budgetary goals while providing meaningful benefits to your employees.


Whether you are a service company, professional, retailer or just about any type of business,

we can tailor a plan to protect your business.


Our services include:

  • Group Health Care Plans
  • Pension Fund Solutions
  • Group Ancillary/Voluntary Benefits ( Risk, Savings and Funeral )
  • Employee Benefits
  • Commercial Short Term Cover
  • Key Person Protection Solutions
  • Business Overhead Protection Solutions
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Buy-Sell aggreements


Talk to us today regarding your unique business needs.